May 20, 2024

Kata Training

Approved Kata:

About Koryu Karate or “Old School Karate” from Kent Hayek (admin),  there is a huge difference between the performance of Koryu Karate Kata as compared to modern karate kata.  The modern version of the kata is done for competition and the movements are modified for aesthetics.  The Koryu Karate Kata are defined by precise stances and upper body movements that are essential for combat.  Just one key area of the difference is that modern kata utilizes exaggerated hip motion that telegraphs the techniques to the opponent.

RyukyuTe Required Kata

  1. RyukyuTe – Oyata – Oyata Naihanchi Shodan
  2. RyukyuTe – Oyata – Oyata Naihanchi Nindan 
  3. RyukyuTe – Oyata – Oyata Naihanchi Sandan

Motobu-ryu of Oyata Sensei (probably the most classical Naihanchi Kata)

  1. Motobu-ryu Gotente:  Naihanchi Kata   Note the lack of hip motion!