May 20, 2024

Some of you wonder why certain things are kept secret. This is not a “new” idea. Oyata Sensei once told me that if you tell eveyone then they will be equal and you will not have an advantage. With the idea, that you only teach those that are worthy and that have an interest. — One of Oyata’s teachers was Uehara Seikichi. Motobu-ryu — which is the royal martial art of Okinawa. One of Uehara’s top students was Shiroma Kiyonori — here is a copy of thier information note the last section: “Ryukyu Ancient Martial Arts/Maite Honbu Ryugassen Toride-kai is recruiting trainees. Tours and hands-on learning are welcome! This group was founded by the late Shiroma Kiyonori, a senior disciple of Maite Honbu style introduction poster Uehara Seikichi Sensei of the Ryukyu Royal Secret Martial Arts Headquarters Gotente . The characteristics are similar to Motobu Gotente. There are some techniques created by Mr. Kiyonori Shiroma. The technical system consists of taijutsu and weapon techniques. The main focus of the Maite Honbu style is to subdue the opponent without injuring the opponent as much as possible, whether using physical techniques or weapon techniques . Both Taijutsu and Weapon Techniques are basically relaxed and soft movements.  Maite Hombu Ryu Gassen Toride Association  2nd President Hanshi 9th Dan Yoshikun ■Practice Hours■Inquiries Tues 20:30-22:30 (Junior high school students and above, adults) 090-8768-7859 Thursdays 20:30-22:30 (Junior high school students) Adults) Fri 20:30-22:30 (Junior high school students and above, adults) ■ Official member (disciple) monthly fee: 7,000 yen Hombu Dojo : Yusenkan (Friday)Hombu Dojo 1780 Tsunamiko, Sashiki, Nanjo City, Okinawa Prefecture, only official members (disciples). Asato Dojo (Tuesday, Thursday) 1-8-18 Asato, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture Currently, we are renting Asato Dojo to practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We provide instruction forbeginners and intermediateTours and hands-on learning are possible. Tours are free (Tuesdays and Thursdays), and experiential learning is 2,000 yen per session . (Tuesday/Thursday) The experiential learning will be a beginner class. *Since this is a secret martial art, there is a pledge upon joining that the techniques will not be taught to third parties. —- Introduction to the Ryukyuan ancient martial arts, Maite Honbu style Our club (school) is a school that descends from the Ryukyu royal family secret martial arts headquarters Gotente . Founder: The late Kiyonori Shiroma Second generation: Yikkun Ya (current chairman)